Android POS Review: Verifone Cloud POS


Verifone Cloud Android POS System is one of the best systems to use for small businesses coming from a reliable and good manufacturer. Interested business owners can choose from three pre-setup hardware bundles or configure your own.

Verifone Cloud Android is a cloud-based system with a monthly fee. It is a very reliable Android POS system that is available for 4G, WiFi Only or WiFi connections. Business owners can easily use the system in most processors.

Here are some of the features of Verifone Cloud Android POS System.

Administration and Management

Employees can have their user profiles to log in, time their work hours, and easily access the system from their Android device.

Verifone Cloud Android POS System allows easy management of products by their categories. Illustrations could be added per category key for better visualization. Furthermore, barcodes could be assigned to each product for easier order taking. Modifiers could be added for customization of products. Also, a built-in import button will help upload a bulk inventory, instead of one-by-one uploads from old-fashioned POS systems.

Verifone allows users to easily create and download sales report automatically from the system directly to their email. Sales report could be automatically emailed daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever the user prefers. The report includes a visual representation for an easy glance of the business status and a detailed excel report.

Easy Payment Processing

Verifone Cloud POS can be used with any credit card processor. It is a nice feature especially if the business is already using a pre-existent processor. No switching needed for old business, while new ones can easily shop for the best processor.

To make things better, Verifone Cloud Android accepts credit and debit cards, even cards with EMV chips. The system also allows payments from mobile wallets like Android Pay and Paypal.

Sales and Customer Support

Getting and processing orders with Verifone Cloud POS is very easy. Sales are easily processed through cash or card payments. Cashiering has never been this easy with fast cash keys text, email or printing of receipts.

Customers also get the benefit of being included in the loyalty program with every order they make. You can reward loyal customers with special discounts, offers, or awesome deals. The system also includes easy communication to subscribed customers so they can be informed of upcoming sales and events.

Easy Set-Up And Start Right Away

Setting up and using the system is easily taught in the website’s step-by-step and how-to guides. It would take around 15 minutes to set up the system on any Android device. It is also user-friendly. You may visit their website at They have direct links to product manuals and easy user guides.

If you are still encountering issues, a 24/7 tech support via email or live chat is ready to guide you. It is best to email their tech support, and answer to their automated email reply with more details in case the need for further clarification.

Overall, Verifone Cloud Android POS system is good for running small businesses with easy customization and payment processing. This POS system is reliable and easy to use.