Android POS System: Kounta Review


Kounta Android POS system is a flagship product that offers special features to all types of businesses. It is compatible with almost any device and thus offers convenience.

It is important to have a review about this Android Point of Sale system and compare it with other POS systems that are available in the market today.

Some of the specifications of Kounta Android POS system include the following:

Intended Users

The targeted users include the likes of small business, public administration, midsize businesses and large enterprises.

Supported Devices

Some of the gadgets that support this POS system are Android, Windows, Mac, Mobile web app, Web-based, iPhone, iPads, Linux and also Windows phone.

Support Countries

United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Canada are the leading countries that have integrated their systems to use the Kounta Android POS system.

Support Options

They include FAQs, Online and Phone support, Knowledge base and some Video tutorials.


Kounta POS system also comes in handy with relatively cheap pricing that starts from $50.00/month. Four pricing models are used –

Lite, Manage, Sell and Extend pricing options.

Extend – offers all range of features that Kounta may provide and three devices are included. A monthly subscription fee of $150.00/month is charged.

Manage – It is a pricing model that comes in hand with two devices and includes features such as advanced inventory management and reporting, various integrations, bump screens and a staff management software.

Sell – It is a starter pack option that starts at $50.00/month, and only one device is issued. An unlimited number of users and transactions is also provided. However, some features are limited such as the advanced inventory management and gift card capability.

A month to month payment criteria is provided, and one doesn’t have to sign any long-term contracts. A free trial (Lite) is also available that no credit card payment is required.

The key features that are associated with this POS system are named and well discussed below.

1. Supports unlimited registers and sites

An unlimited number of transactions, users, sites and products are offered by this Point of sale system.

2. Online support center

This has been developed to help provide assistance to users in a quick manner since the support center is always active and online.

3. A free knowledgebase

It has set up to provide useful information to new and beginner customers who are not quite familiar with the uses and applications of Kounta POS system. You can get access to this knowledge base freely on your device.

4. Advanced Inventory (Stock) management

The stock entry process has been simplified here. One can add items either one after the other or in bulk, and this is by use of an Excel template that can be downloaded.

5. Add on integration

Customization of add-ons, the likes of eCommerce, CRM, attendance and time tracking has been made possible with this POS system. You can thus fit it to better suit specific requirements and needs of your business.

Other unique features include:

– Powerful statistics and reports analysis
– Open APIs
– Easy product creation and maintenance

One of the main benefits that arise from the use of Kounta Android POS system is that top level bank security is provided.

Banking institutions invest funds in a 128-bit encryption system and physical infrastructure that suit the system.

They also hire professional personnel to keep the system up and running and most importantly secure the customer’s data and money.

A downside to this great Android point of sale system is that telephone support availability is only for users that have subscribed middle-level and top-level plans.

That said, there is no doubt that the Kounta Android POS system is a must have for your business whatever the size and type.