Free Android POS: What Are The Best Android POS Systems?


Android POS systems are popularly used by merchants to cut costs of hardware, though it’s a challenge to small business owners who don’t know what kind of Android device to use. The Android POS system is affordable to use and is cloud-based. They offer regular upgrades, interfaces that are well designed and innovative characteristics. Android POS systems are compatible with Android smartphones or tablets. For a new business, it’s advantageous to use Android POS system because startup cost is flexible from nearly zero.

The following list indicates the best Android POS system

o Veeqo

Works best on the Android tablet or smartphone, and works together with the order management system to automatically fulfill orders and also to create invoices. Veeqo system has tools that help in managing the business better. It’s a complete system for order management that usually streamlines multi-channel sales for small firms.

o VeriFone Cloud POS

This offers different systems of Android POS that fit one’s business needs, i.e., self-services mobile commerce and mobile POS on a smartphone.

o Imonggo

This system is a web-based and easy to access anytime on Android mobile device anywhere. For start-up and small business, the system is free and simple to use, i.e., small businesses with less than 1000 sales per month.

o Loyverse

The Android POS system is packed with features and tools to manage a business, sales, and customers. It’s a free mobile POS system for Android services. Its features include a user-friendly back office and dashboard that ease access to analytics, to monitor sales, track inventory, and also the management of employees. Loyverse POS system offers loyalty program and capabilities provided to retail stores and cafes.

o PayPal Here

This system of PayPal Here credit card reader turns Android devices into a robust POS system for credit card processing anytime and anywhere. The features include barcode scanning, digital receipts and debit card pin processing.

o Toast

This is an all-in-one solution to management in business such as restaurant packed with features like tracking, online ordering, and real-time reporting. Toast system is used in all types of food establishments from full services such as a restaurant to quick services places such as cafes.

o Harbor Touch

It is a free and complete Android POS system regarding services, but one has to pay for processing services and also hardware. It usually offers additional services such as online payment systems and check services.

o Square

This Android POS system is where an Android tablet turns into a robust POS system terminal that allows processing of credit card at the check counter. Its features include online ordering, digital receipts, and automatic discounts.

o Gift logic

This is a simple and easy-to-use retail Android POS system that helps in boosting sales and manages the business. It is fully featured with an inventory management tool that helps one to save time with automatic reorders and discount scheduling. Normally, it’s built-in software has histories of purchases, customers’ accounts, and program loyalties.


This a common retail POS system that works best on Android tablets direct from the browser. This system does everything that is required to be done in one system. It includes effective Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM solutions that help in running single or multi-chain retail operations.