Gotmerchant POS Review: POS System


The Gotmerchant POS system provides high-quality point-of-sale systems along with credit card processing. Once the payment processing contract is agreed upon, the new POS system can be made quickly available for an affordable upfront cost. The POS system helps manage businesses efficiently and provide services to control costs, manage employees, and keep track of the inventory.

The low upfront costs make this system ideal for start-ups or small businesses operating with limited funds. Not just that, many Gotmerchant POS System Reviews state that it provides other services such as electronic registers, wireless card readers, mobile phone credit card processing and even merchant accounts.

Currently, the system offers an online back office reporting tool, tableside ordering, online ordering, as well as a free reservation system.

Online Back-Office Features

With a free online back office, everything done through the web can be done using the POS system. Real-time changes can be made, and limited control can be provided to the accountant or CPA to make the necessary changes and maintain the logs. The POS can also manage all the locations from one login and can also be used to create multiple logins. It can help run payroll reports, edit the items and their prices, run sales and inventory reports, send messages to employees and also view credit card statements, deposits and chargebacks.

Tableside Ordering

By installing an app that connects quickly to the main Gotmerchant POS systems, the system increases efficiency by letting the server input the order to the tablet with the app installed, and directly transferring the orders to the kitchen station. This decreases the service time and greatly improves efficiency between the workers.

Online Ordering

The online ordering module lets customers place their order online and pay the bill using their credit cards. The program also incorporates Google maps for delivering orders, and the delivery charges are automatically calculated based on the geographic location. The initial setup process is easy to install, and user interface can be adapted according to the user’s needs and specifications with a fully categorized menu.

Reservation and Waiting List Management Tool

Gotmerchant POS System reviews state the program also provides facilities to manage reservations, check for table availability and send messages to the patron to let them know when their table becomes available. The drag and drop interface is customized for efficiency and allows to quickly add any new reservations as they are made.

Swiping Charges and Support

The card swiping charges can be negotiated with a Gotmercant account representative, and they usually offer low swipe charges. The starting rates are at 0.69% including $0.20 for swiped cards along with an additional 0.75% for keyed-in cards. Charges are also billed monthly for support and hardware warranty with hardware and software services at $39 per month. A cloud-based version is also available for web-enabled devices.

The Gotmerchant POS System processes and supports gift and loyalty cards, the new EMV chip and PIN cards, processes EBT payments, and bank checks. Customer support is provided for the lifetime of the contract. Once the contract is agreed upon, the retail data is transferred into the system, and the company helps with the initial installation process on-site and also for unlimited training.

Thus the Gotmerchant POS system has many charms such as the minimum capital, attractive rates, lifetime warranty, and training that make it the perfect choice.