Important Features to Consider When Comparing Android POS Systems


Today, businesses are no longer limited behind the counters. The latest Android POS systems are simple-to-use and can be integrated with your accounting software. Let me walk you through some important features to consider when comparing Android POS systems;

Data security

When considering your options, you should look for a POS that keeps your data safe. First, the system should not store credit card numbers of customers. Similarly, all transactions should be encrypted. You should also check whether the POS system is vulnerable to malware and viruses.

Customer service

A good POS system should offer 24-hour support. If you experience some issues with the system, you want to be sure you will be guided through the set up promptly. For instance, if you have a question regarding your financial transactions, a delay to fix the problem could result in huge losses. Therefore, before determining which service to use, you should confirm about the call assistance choices.

Customer management features

Due to the ever evolving technology, you don’t want a POS that will be obsolete within a short period. It should feature more advanced features that allow you increase sales, expand your business and keep repeat customers. On the other hand, it should allow you track customer contacts and sales. Point of sale systems should be flexible to allow mobile integration. Likewise, it should give room for software updates by incorporating the latest security updates. Further, it should ensure your business stays in the present and not the past.

Data management

Your point of sale system should be able to generate sales reports, best-selling items and the returns to measure the effectiveness of prices. It should track sales by department such that, you are able to allocate resources accordingly. Make sure you check each POS coverage options in terms of resources.

Hardware and software

The hardware should be durable, functional and stylish. It should feature a payment terminal or a credit card reader. Quality hardware saves you time reducing instances of jamming or breakdown. It should also be ergonomically designed to match the décor of your business. Similarly, the software should allow you processes sales reports, create invoices and manage consumer data. The Android software is free to download, but for it to be fully functional, it may require a paid account. The latest Android POS Systems allow easy integration with your accounting software.

Payment processing

The point of sale system should be able to process credit card payments. Modern POS systems provide EMV chip card readers services. You don’t have to upgrade later if you buy a POS with EMV chip-compliant card readers. This will ensure payment flexibility.

Ease of use

Whatever the business, efficiency is vital. You should look for a POS that is easy to use and one that processes sales quickly. Training cashiers for overall employee satisfaction should be easy.

Android POS systems give the most effective payment alternatives to businesses. They incorporate unique customer management features and come with the best user interface. Now you know the important features to consider when comparing Android POS systems. It’s recommended that you contact several POS companies to find the best fit for your business. Android points of sale systems are the game changer. They have opened a new chapter in the history of POS systems.