POS System: POS Nation Review


POS Nation provides a high-end point-of-sale system with fully functional services that are tailored to suit the business needs of retail stores, restaurants and specialty store owners. They provide hardware, software, POS supplies along with payment processing facilities. It offers completely affordable prices for start-ups working with a minimum budget and a subscription to its service supply for supply pricing.

The company has a 90-day technical support for free along with onsite technicians on call in most areas.

Payment Processing:

Since POS Nation doesn’t provide a payment processing service, the POS hardware and software are designed to be compatible with a number of credit card processors such as Mercury, HeartLand, and Swipely. All the partnered services offer a wide range of gift card support, mobile payments, payment support, EMV secure transactions as well as 24-hour support. The system accepts all forms of payment and improved checkout speed with the POS Nation merchant processing.

POS Hardware:

POS Nation offers three kinds of starter system, QuickBooks POS, Cash Register Express and Aldelo Lite. All the processes include a touch screen system and keyboard and cost less than $2000. The very basic system provides a PC, receipt printer, kitchen printer, cash drawer, scanner and MSR.

All the systems are provided with the necessary components, fanless touchscreen PCs that run the latest Windows, an integrated payment processing system, employee card and gift card processing system. POS Nation provides the required assistance with purchasing the right peripherals that might be added to the basic system purchased, the use of those products, and their costs.

POS Software:

The POS software provides a variety of features for use depending on the type of business. The initial installation can be done by referring to the manuals provided, or a POS tech can help with the process. POS Nation offers user-friendly software which includes Restaurant Pro Express, Cash Register Express, Cap Software, Salon Iris and QuickBooks. The POS restaurant version helps take orders, manage tables, manage reservations, handle bar tabs, split checks, send order to kitchen printers and more.

The retail version of the software is designed to calculate tax rates, process rentals and charge by weight, manage customer loyalty programs and track commissions. A salon POS software can help manage the customer accounts, needs of the spa or salon, room scheduling, and so on. Some of the features added for a retail software are to manage transactions, generate account statements, printing sales, customer lookup, item lookup, inventory management, loyalty incentives, system personalization, etc.

After-Purchase Care:

POS Nation only provides technical support and service for customers who purchase the full system and not just a portion of it. The company also offers onsite help with installing the software and assembling the hardware components, migration services, along with a 90-day free technical support. Additional support can be purchased at the end of three months for a price of $39.99 a month. This includes features such as one-on-one training, 24×7 support, as well as next day shipping. All the hardware equipment have a warranty period of two years, and the customer does not have to commit to a long-term agreement if it is not needed, with the service fee at $40 according to the location. Pre-sales questions can also be asked to a product specialist to clarify any doubts or features about the product before it gets purchased.