SunrisePOS Review: POS System


Over the years, SunrisePOS, alternatively referred to Sunrise Point-of-Sale and More, has taken the forefront in offering the best point-of-sale services, especially for those customers that desire customized solutions for their businesses.

They help their clients create any kind of systems as well as the provision of on-site installation and training upon request. In this SunrisePOS Review, we shall go in-depth and see exactly how they help their clients achieve their goals.

Services Offered


The company offers any kind of POS system, so it does not matter what line of business you are in. They offer customized POS hardware as well as mobile POS options and payment processing, not to mention their highly affordable bundles.

They ensure their availability is unlimited to time, which explains why they are present to take your requests and inquiries 24/7.

Unknown to many, the company’s full name is actually SunrisePOS and More, and this is borrowed from the fact that they also offer security and customized services. There are plenty of specialty businesses supported, and these include food trucks, bars, frozen yogurt shops, pizzerias and many multi-lane retails.

The system comes equipped with an industry-proven POS software as well as modern tools such as mobile phone payment processing, online ordering, Wi-Fi tableside ordering, among many others. If you have problems selecting the best POS equipment for you, do not fret as their agents will help you choose one that suits the needs of your enterprise.

After-Purchase Care

Aside from their round-the-clock availability, the company also offers other support options such as remote assistance, telephone support, on-site training as well as professional installation. You can opt for support plans on incident basis or monthly and yearly basis.

To guarantee that you make the most of these support plans, the company helps you create web-based interfaces for online ordering as well as rolling out multi-site system and in the configuration of software which entails among other things backing up your data off-site. Their turnkey solutions are not only configured but also tested before shipping, and as if that’s not enough, they also test associated cables and labels them, so they are easily identifiable when shipping them.

Hardware and Software

Regarding hardware, SunrisePOS offers a broad range of services from affordable bundled systems to customized large scale packages. They also offer Kiosk and iPad POS solutions as well as specialty packages for comedy clubs, frozen yogurts, pizzerias and sandwich shops, not to mention various retail offers for produce markets, grocers, e-cig stores and other specialty shops and delis.

It is also worth mentioning that the company is a full-service POS reseller in which case it offers industrial-grade touch screen computers, thermal receipt computers, self-ordering kiosks scales, wireless POS systems, age verifiers, and label printers. There is also a range of sales as well as associated supplies such as printer paper, ribbons and CCTV surveillance camera systems.

As regards software, the company offers services such as Aldelo, Comcash, Microsoft RMS and NCR Silver. You also get all forms of Aldelo Restaurant software that include Aldelo for Restaurant, Media Display, Enterprise, XeroPOS, Online, and Touch iPad POS.

The company also offers retail software that can be figured to run all kinds of retail businesses as well as performing other crucial functions, such as the management of employee worked hours, management of inventory, gift cards, and customer visits. On the other hand, the Microsoft Dynamics RMS processes gift cards, tracks customer visits, supports touchscreen interactions and manages accounts. Comcash is used to track inventory and layaways, manage back orders and assemblies and manage labor records.

Lastly, the NCR Silver tracks loyalty programs, processes sales, manages inventory and integrates with social media.

Payment Processing

For payment processing, the company partnered with Global Payments, a service that offers merchant services to restaurants, hospitality business and retails. The payment service can, among other things, offer PCI-compliant payment processing and EMV chip and PIN card readers.

The merchant services operate 24 hours a day, and it uses associated hardware such as PIN pads and card readers. It can handle various payment kinds such as EBT, debit and gift cards.


SunrisePOS has succeeded in the provision of any type of POS solution required and now has several introductory bundles.

With a 24-hour customer support and systems that are fully tried before they are shipped, there is no denying that the company is the very best of its kind.