The Best POS Hardware & Software of 2017


Best POS Hardware of 2017

1. POS Computing device – Apple iPad 2017

Apple iPad 2017 enables a complete view of the POS user graphic screen which is touch sensitive. Inventory transactions at the point of sale are conducted here through the iPad display at the point of sale station or location. This is the screen that is mainly used for the display of the POS Software.

2. Payment Device – Ingenico ICMP

Ingenico ICMP is a secure Point of Sale for that works across all mobile computing devices including smartphones. ICMP connects to all operating system platforms be it Windows or Android.

3. Wi-Fi access point/Router – Meraki MR18 Access Point

Meraki MR18 Access Point is one of the most advanced 2017 cloud-based providers of Wi-Fi. It offers real–time diagnostic tools that are outstanding in distributed systems setup where network usage is 24/7 round the clock.

4. POS printer – TSP100

TSP100 Printer is a thermal POS printer that contains a plug and play software that works across all computing devices and uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB for connection to the receipt source for printing. It is ideal for both workstations, or Cloud Point-of-sale set up especially for distributed environments.

5. iPad – Revel iPad Stand

Revel iPad stand rotates around in all directions depending on the users’ choice, simplifying usage. This enhances the user ergonomics and best positioning of the iPad in use.

6. Secure Cash Drawer – APG Vasario 16″ Cash Drawer

APG Vasario 16″ Cash Drawer is an advanced hardware device that is sensitive enough to all POS transactions. It is reliable and durable for long-term cash handling.

7. Barcode scanners – Honeywell Xenon 1902

Honeywell Xenon 1902 is one of the most preferred wireless scanners. It is mobile-friendly and works well across all computing devices making it easier to any cloud-based setup. It is also used in cloud-based environments.

8. POS Keyboards – Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is an advanced wireless POS hardware device. Additionally, Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is enhanced to enable usage by visually impaired persons.

9. Coin dispenser – Glory Global Instachange M59003

Glory Global Instachange M59003 is a coin dispenser that helps the cashier eliminate errors and speeds up the whole POS process.

Best POS Software of 2017

1. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a server based POS solution that aid in the POS transactions. It is designed, mainly for iOS, and Mac operating platforms. Lightspeed also has a well-developed web store designed for e-commerce.

2. Revel Systems

Revel systems have an outstanding capability of transacting across all mobile devices due to its extensibility in the cloud platform. This cloud-based feature enhances its real-time availability in a multiple distributed setup.

3. AIMsi

AIMsi is a complete accounting, POS and inventory system that is module based and only allow usage of the paid modules. POS is one of the modules in AIMsi.

4. AmberPOS

AmberPOS supports high levels of security. It incorporates biometric features in the POS thus enhancing security.

5. Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail is a web-based multi-store solution that allows distributed network operations in environments where the POS checkouts are set up in multiple locations.