TouchSuite POS Review: POS System


TouchSuite is a business account provider based in Boca Raton, Florida. It offers a point of sale system referred as TouchSuite Firefly, which is cloud-based.

It operates on Android OS and is available on a Smartphone, PC, and tablet. TouchSuite was founded back in 2004 by Sam Zeitz – who is also the CEO – and offers merchant accounts.

Its point of sale system does not incorporate with third-party processors, which states that businesses require changing to a TouchSuite’s credit card processor ready to receive the payments.


TouchSuite was made with Spas and Salon in mind. It provides a wide variety of enterprise-level answers that place administrative jobs within reach. It is in charge of managing documents, marketing, handling payroll, client data, etc.

1. Technology – It provides modern technology such as the Android’s Firefly terminal.

2. Options – TouchSuite is more focused on software, giving partial hardware options.

3. Pricing – TouchSuite’s prices start from $99 monthly for beginners, with payments distributed over 4 to 5 years.

4. Scalable – Product offers scope from easy plug-ins to Smartphone to the complete service terminal.

5. Available training – Even though the system is quite user-friendly, the beginners might wish for more training than what TouchSuite has to offer.

TouchSuite is ideal for Restaurants, Salons, and Spas.

Sales And Marketing

TouchSuite tends to market its services through an independent agent program, a brand ambassador program, and conventional advertising and referral programs.

The use of independent agents creates complaints in the credit card department owing to the low oversight these sales agents typically get.

In this situation, a few complaints were made for nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees. Particularly, such complaints refer to partial disclosure of the monthly expenses and cancellation fee of the company.

Several complaints do not cite negative sales encounter; therefore rate disclosure may amount to each person’s sales agent.

TouchSuite does not endorse deceptive rate citation in its certified materials. Nevertheless, the company declares to beat and match a businesses’ existing pricing.

It is uncertain if all TouchSuite merchants need a multiyear contract at present. However, this need would oppose the beat-match strategy when it is about users who are on monthly contracts.

Touchsuite has had negative feedback concerning its marketing tactics, although these complaints are not a regular problem with the company.


Several merchants complain about the long-term contract -3 to 5 years – that can either incorporate a non-cancellable equipment lease or not. This long-standing contract is the main disappointment among users who encounter never-ceasing equipment malfunctions or unforeseen fees.

Complaints And Service

There are some negative feedback regarding TouchSuite; a few blame the company as being a ripoff or a scam. Common complaints revolve around software bugs, hardware malfunctioning, inflexible contract terms, the high cost of processing and poor customer service.

Mainly, several cases involve a user who had a hard time setting up or putting the product in use and is not able to solve the problem via customer support. Complaints about the customer service entail delayed responses and long hold times as the key issues.


The rates offered by TouchSuite are somewhat beyond the standard point of sale system considering the rating criteria. TouchSuite has had a number of complaints over the years, and the contract terms are not quite competitive.

With that in mind, the merchants can get a solid deal with Touchsuite via thorough study and negotiation.