uAccept POS Review: Is Cloud Integration The Future of POS Systems?


Point-of-sale systems have recently been on the rise due to the push for quality customer service. Did you know that POS systems increase the rate of customer conversions in your business? This is proven since 77% of POS users are diligently satisfied with their retail POS systems. This is where uAccept POS system comes into place.

What Is uAccept POS system?

uAccept is a generic Cloud-based Point of Sale product which has been produced by prolific designers across the problem-solving arena who have worked hard to bring this quality product into the mix.

uAccept is also an interventional cross-platform POS technology that allows its users to access real-time data from any device connected to the internet.

What Are the Product Features of uAccept?

uAccept was developed through a series of interesting market research, resulting in a final self-marketing POS product being introduced into the market.

The following are the features your business could take advantage from uAccept:

1. Powerful cloud software technology

With uAccept, your business users get to access real-time business from any internet connected device. This is where you can conduct sales reports, review the contribution of your loyalty programs, and
evaluate your business marketing campaigns on any device.

2. Viewing your cloud POS system from a Live host

The Live host empowers your cloud-based feature to come in handy when it comes to tracking your business’ progress at the comfort of your Home or Office.

3. uAccept allows you to create a long-term connection with your customers.

Establishing a mutual understanding with your loyal customers will be a huge bonus in boosting your sales since customers are the blueprint of your business success. By conducting successful email and social marketing campaigns through Twitter, you’ll have a special touch for customer satisfaction.

4. New EMV Reader Product Feature

The new technology introduced by uAccept POS developers has brought into taste the essence of unmatched option for adaptability and convenience, which is built on Telium2 technology platform.

With this advanced feature, your business will be empowered to accept multiple forms of electronic payment systems.

What customizations can you perform with your uAccept POS system?

uAccept allows you to perform a collection of important tasks that trend your business in an unbeaten technological run without incurring additional costs on traditional systems.

The following are the customization that uAccept POS system features:

1. Adding Products and Categories to your POS system

This feature not only gives your business data a neat order but also encourages ease of retrieval of data.

2. Running and exporting sales reports using uAccept’s sales report POS platform.

This enables you to track sales reports and advanced analytics data.

3. Business owners and Managers can manage a number of users.

This is to track user’s productivity in your business. In addition, you can manage multiple devices in one account

4. uAccept POS system gives you the opportunity to connect with what matters – Your customers.

The text messaging feature allows you to receive customer orders and send confirmation replies.

5. In addition, uAccept POS system offers advanced Analytics information.

Advanced analytics data helps in tracking your sales data and visualize your dynamic customer trends.

6. Loyalty programs are 100% proven to boost your sales contribution.

Hence, take notice that 71% of consumers decide to join a loyalty program because of money off of every purchase. Therefore, uAccept competently understands the dynamic needs of your customers.

7. Finally, uAccept’s payment integration allows you customize or choose what forms of payments you accept.

What do we have to conclude from uAccept’s POS system services?

1. uAccept’s product development efforts have put into consideration the need for integration and cross-platform access to data and resources with the MB3000 being their first device.

2. uAccept developers have worked long and hard to bringing on the table a low-cost business product solution for local businesses to maximize on their competencies against large national chains.

All the above are excellent reasons you should acquire uAccept POS system product to scale up the heights of your business brand.